Robert David Roe

Robert David Roe


The fiction of literary author Robert David Roe including published short works and excerpts from the forthcoming novel, Move to the Rhythm


Late February Planning

Whether to Kickstart

I'm trying to decide which of two directions to go in releasing and promoting Move to the Rhythm, my completed novel in the literary genre. As you may know, I've made good progress on the site design but am bringing that to a halt at this fork in the road.

The fork is the decision of whether I should Kickstart this project or go it alone. This will determine much about the site design.

Another decision, which deeply interlocks with that of Kickstart-or-don't, is how much professional service I want to purchase. How much professional copyediting to I wish to get? I am certain I want professional cover art. Then there is the possibility of a promotional firm; highly recommended by Lisa Estus.

My goal is not to make money on this book. I've even considered writing it as (the first?) open-source novel. Literary fiction is not known for making authors or publishers rich. I just want to get it into reader's hands.

That is my juncture. If you have opinions @veryIntelectual.

The Kickstart branch of the path would mean putting a lot of work into a video, though also much additional effort. It would appear that this piece of initial advertising is most consistent distinguishing factor between Kickstarts that make it and those that don't. If a project clearly conveys the spark and idiosycracy of its creators, it will be successful in that venue.